Altman Handcrafted Mandolins and Guitars


Videos of Altman Mandolins & Guitars:

Herschel Sizemore playing the new Altman Loar Series F5 Mandolins:

Mike Marshall playing an Altman F5 Torch and Wire Mandolin:

Jesse Brock playing an Altman F5 Mandolin:

Norman Blake playing his new Altman Guitar:

Mike Marshall, Darol Anger & Mark Robertson-Tessi trying out three Altman mandolins in the white:

Dewey Farmer & Mike Marshall:

Dewey Farmer plays Bluegrass Special on his Altman:

Herschel Sizemore playing an Altman F5 mall:

Mark Robertson-Tessi playing an Altman with the Tim Weed Band:

Dewey Farmer & Arnie Solomon playing a pair of Altmans:

Mark Robertson-Tessi playing his Altman mandolin with the String Figures, Nathan McEuen, & Scott Gates:

Kym Warner trying out an Altman mandolin backstage:

Mark Robertson-Tessi plays Whiskey Before Breakfast on his Altman mandolin:




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